What is PLUS mosaic backing system?


The new  PLUS mosaic backing system, the innovative technology that supports the sheets of glass mosaic and makes the installation of the material easier and faster.


PLUS System is a net of polyurethane reactive (PUR) strings clinging to the back of the mosaic tiles, solvent free and non-flammable. It can be used with every kind of specific adhesives for glass mosaic (concrete, polyurethane and epoxy), ensuring a perfect seal in any interior or external application.


PLUS system represents the best solution for the installation of the mosaic in any environment, including where there’s direct contact with water as in steam baths and swimming pools. In line with the Eco-philosophy that leads the company to a responsible use of natural resources,  PLUS system reduces by 55% the use of PVC compared to the previous Plus edition, featuring only 100 grams per meter instead of 220 gr.


Thus significantly increasing the surface adhesion of the mosaic tile for a better seal of the installed material.’


According to CSIRO (INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH SERVICES) The Glass Mosaic tiles mounted on plus with Ultracolor Plus Grout on concrete base sample material had a mean pull off strenght of 1.19 N//mm2[Normal Setting adhesives (C1):=>0.50 N/mm2]. The tiles were inserted base to adhesive to simulate the installation.Therefore, based on this report it shows that they passed the test more than the minimum requirments.